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Why live in Queen Creek, Arizona?

Why would anyone want to live in Queen Creek?  Well, I can think of some good reasons.

First of all, the real estate market in Queen Creek presents a good value.  You can get a nice house in Queen Creek for hundreds of thousands of dollars cheaper than say, Chandler or Gilbert.  Homes in the Pecan Creek subdivision are in an ideal location.  Pecan Creek is about 7 or 8 miles closer to the 60 than Johnson Ranch.  You get a straight shot right up Ironwood to the 60.  Ironwood Road is being widened to 2 lanes each direction.  You can drive from Ocotillo to Route 60 without any traffic headaches.  Queen Creek used to have some pretty bad traffic problems.  The Ellsworth loop road is being built, and we actually have street lights now. 

Queen Creek is in the process of building a Target, a Wal-Mart Superstore, Old Navy, etc.  We have a new sushi restaurant called Sushi Creek.
Looking for a great place for kids to learn??  Try the new Kumon.  I haven't tried the new Chinese food place, Golden Harvest.  Anybody tried it yet??  Let me know if the food is any good.